Nests is the formal evolutionary result of my previous stage, “Pictorrelieves” and defines the micro worlds that each person creates around them. From the womb, we look for our areas of comfort; family, partner, work habits and customs; so intimate and routine that sometimes their strengths and weaknesses are invisible to us. Nests are people’s connections, like a network of energy that is expressed as something real that moves the world and transforms it. It is fascinating how a nest enters into conflict with its own definition as being something balanced and immovable, whilst at the same time undergoing continuous construction and change.

Colour fills everything as a transmitter of this energy. The work, for the most part monochrome, highlights the power of shapes and movement, focusing on showing real feelings through these by way of visual expressions.

The shapes respond to their definition. Concentric round or in apparently fragile layers; both sweet and aggressive at the same time.

They represent the idea of what we have in our memories rather than true references. It is a conceptualization of the objects in the work, leaving aside the superficial, as the shapes express the mental idea we wish to convey. This is why some works seem to defend themselves from the public, others surround it, cradle it, accept it, or simply allow observation, detached from the outside.

Birds nest, swarm, grass, branches, neural connections, intertwined waves, hollow flowers… it is the observer´s brain which builds itself, made up of knowledge and memories of personal experience.

Year 2018.